PCG Cyber

Security Operations Centre

We’re ready to assist any government or industry organisation with our 24/7 Security Operations Centre.

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Our IRAP assessed cloud hosting environment operates at a PROTECTED security classification level in Canberra. We are ready to assist any government or industry organisation with 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) that you can trust.

Our utilisation of cloud technology allows for smooth integration with your current on-premises and cloud infrastructure. Our 24/7 security monitoring service provides active monitoring of your environment with analysts on standby to respond to security alerts. 

Our experienced, security cleared and vetted SOC staff are here to help your organisation with our in-depth knowledge of the cyber landscape and threat vectors. 


Integrated Threat Intelligence


Proactive Vulnerability Scanning


Detailed Analysis of Security Events & Alerts

Incident Response

We facilitate incident response to threats realised within your organisation. Our team can assist you in the documentation and tracking of an incident, as well as coordinating stakeholders and managing external partners.

Our analysts can also assist in the development and management of your organisation’s incident response plan and processes. We can re-interpret technical documentation into actionable objectives to resolve security issues.

PCG Cyber provides advice and support to your organisation for all incident response services.

Our analysts are experienced in cyber incident response, undertaking remediation activities and implementing mitigations to prevent further incidents.


Proactive & Reactive Incident Documentation


Expert Advice, Threat Hunting & Penetration Testing


Best Practice Incident Management Frameworks

Threat Monitoring & Management

Our security management solution monitors, tracks and assesses outstanding security vulnerabilities within your environment.

PCG Cyber’s security consultants methodically prioritise the assessment, mitigation and patching of vulnerabilities on your organisation’s systems. 



Extensive Vulnerability Management Experience


Ongoing Best Practice Upskilling Of Staff


Internal Threat & Mitigation Control Management

PCG Cyber operates an IRAP assessed and PROTECTED level cloud hosting environment in Canberra.