PCG Cyber

Consulting Services

Cyber governance, risk and compliance are the foundation of our cyber security consultancy services.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

One of our core business functions is the delivery of comprehensive cyber governance, risk and compliance (GRC) services.

We identify threats that could cause harm to your organisation.

Our extensive experience in GRC consulting spans across diverse industries, environments and systems.

We effectively leverage relevant frameworks and ensure your organisation is compliant against them. These include, but are not limited to, the ACSC Information Security Manual, Protective Security Policy Framework and the Centre for Internet Security Benchmark Frameworks.


Prioritise Threats & Feasible Mitigations


Assist In Meeting Accreditation Standards


Develop Innovative Policy Frameworks

Cloud Security Consulting

We leverage our team’s experience and expertise with cloud technologies to provide your organisation with the very best security guidance, advice and implementation strategies.

We’ll help you enable and secure your cloud landscape to meet your confidentiality, integrity and availability requirements.

Effective implementation of cloud technologies can drastically reduce your organisations’ resource expenditure and operational overhead.

We work to ensure your services, applications and systems are highly available, stable and can flexibly support your user base.


Best Fit Cloud Security Model


Best Practice Driven Methodology


Long Term Security Outcomes

Cyber Strategy Development

Cyber Strategy development is integral to understanding your company’s current state and defences. PCG Cyber helps your organisation develop a strategy that identifies where and what is needed to be proactive in your defence against threats.

PCG Cyber helps your organisation define your  maturity by leveraging a variety of security controls and industry and government best practices. These outcomes are used to define core areas for improvement.

A Cyber Strategy is the first step in developing an overview of your cyber security risks and maturing your organisation. This is used to develop a holistic body of programs to create policies, processes and protocols.


Clearly Defined Process Proven To Succeed


Risk and Compliance Based Approach


Collaborative Development

Project Management

PCG Cyber approaches all projects with professionalism and dedication. Our team has a diverse skillset that adapts to any project and its requirements.

We provide end-to-end project development and consultancy expertise we have experience across a variety of sectors.

We see a project through its entire life cycle and are comfortable with all components of project management. Including but not limited to; defining the scope, engaging with stakeholders, developing project controls, managing risk, procurement and delivery.



Security Integration and Gap Analysis


Paradigm Shift and Change Control


Synergy and Teamwork

PCG Cyber goes beyond providing assessments; providing customers with holistic advice to achieve greater cyber security maturity.